"With imagination, you can be anybody, anytime, anywhere."

Benson and the Wishing Machine

The Wishing Machine began to glow deep red, getting brighter and brighter by the second, and just when you thought the light couldn’t get any brighter, it disappeared. Benson, the ginger cat, blinked and thought that it had broken down. He was just about to ask Mr Elvic if that was the case, when the machine burst into life again. This time, lights of all different colours lit up the weird machine, shooting round it’s pipes in all directions.

Benson looked on in astonishment and awe, then he realised that the lights were thousands of shooting stars.

Then the whispering began,
“Wish, wish, wish, wish…….”

Benson and the Wishing Machine

Benson Wishes Again

There is magic in the air on Cinder Lane. Could it be down to Mr Elvic and Benson, the mischievous talking cat, and their wonderful secret hidden in the Rainstar Palace. Would they go on anymore magical journeys?

"Your wish is granted" came the eerie reply "remember that you must catch a dancing star to complete your wish. This time however, it must be a star shaped like a snowflake - no other star will do".

A chilly breeze began to blow and it became colder and colder. Then white stars began to fall,
"dancing, dancing, dancing"."

Benson and the Wishing Machine

Dreaming the Dreams that only Cats can Dream

Benson opened one green luminous eye and peered at the clock - five minutes to eight, Mr Elvic would soon be turning into Cinder Lane in his green car, to come to the workshop to mend mowers and all sorts of other things. This is where Benson lived.

Benson sniffed the air, and could smell the fumes from the big black grinding machine that lingered in the workshop.

Benson was an extraordinary cat. Thanks to the wonderful Wishing Machine that Mr Elvic had found and put together, Benson could talk! Two minutes to eight and the clock ticked on,
"tick, tock, tick, tock"

Benson and the Wishing Machine

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