"With imagination, you can be anybody, anytime, anywhere.."

I grew up in Louth, a bustling market town in the shadow of the Lincolnshire Wolds. My school days were happy, and I enjoyed writing stories from a very early age. I have fond memories of Cordeaux Secondary school, where Mr Rowan the English teacher once said to me, "Susan, if you don't write a book one day I shall eat my hat". Those words never left me.

From school I went on to train as a primary school teacher at Eaton Hall College, Retford. My teaching career lasted 27 years in and around Grimsby. I retired from teaching in the year 2000, and had my first book published in 2006. I live in a village near Louth with Richard, my husband, and am an avid follower of Grimsby Town Football Club, along with my brother Roy and his family from Chesterfield.

My books are set in and around my late father's workshop which was on Cinder Lane in Louth. He had a small business called Elvic of Louth, mainly mending lawn mowers but he could turn his hand to mending almost anything.

Benson and the Wishing Machine